Matthew P. Cook



Attorney Matthew Cook founded Cook Law LLC and is licensed to practice in Missouri and Illinois. His primary focus is on consumer protection cases. Mr. Cook attended St. Louis University, where he studied philosophy and business. He later went on to acquire his Master in Business Administration from Lindenwood University and obtained his law degree from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida.

Many years ago, before Mr. Cook was an attorney, he worked for a collection agency and observed the ruthless tactics they employed to collect a debt, like garnishing wages, damaged credit reporting and those persistent calls! At Cook Law LLC, Mr. Cook is now an expert in dealing with harassing debt collectors, correcting the nightmares caused by inaccurate credit reporting, and combating the emotional distress that accompanies the process of credit repair as the result of false information on a credit report or an identity theft.

Mr. Cook has been a practicing attorney since 2010 and handles every case personally. You can reach Matthew P. Cook via telephone at (314) 260-6116 or at his email

Why a Credit Repair Lawyer may be better for you than a credit repair company or credit counseling service?

Credit repair companies and counseling services profess to help fix your credit immediately. The truth is that many are simply debt settlement companies or marketing fronts, with “law” or “lawyer” in their DBA. In either case, these credit repair services are not equipped in credit protection law, and rarely, if ever, assess your credit report for inaccuracies and false information that stems from identity theft, reporting mistakes, and in some cases, bureaucratic negligence. Cook Law LLC specializes in exceptional legal credit repair where misinformation has affected your good name. In many cases, our expertise may fix your credit report and ensure your credit inaccuracies are compensated. We provide free consultations and tell you up front whether your credit repair issue is applicable for legal protections.