credit repair

Have you been denied employment, housing, insurance or a banking account because of inaccurate background check information or credit reporting? Employers, landlords, banks and insurance companies use background checks and credit reporting agencies to determine if you are trustworthy. However, when your background check or credit report is inaccurate, it can wreak havoc for your ability to navigate the present and future. Even disputed information can be used against you and if this data is not corrected, adverse action is taken against you because of false credit reports and/or background checks.

This is where you’ll need the help of a lawyer for background check inaccuracies.

At Cook Law, we great  offer background check services and can fight incorrect background check lawsuits in St. Louis. We can make your life easier, and save you from a world of financial troubles!


Common Cases :

  • Another person’s background information.
  • False or incorrect information.
  • Misdemeanors listed as a felony.
  • Misstating nature of the court proceedings.
  • Convictions that have been expunged or vacated.

Incorrect Background Check Lawsuit

 The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides victims of false background checks and credit reporting errors the opportunity to file an incorrect background check lawsuit and recover certain damages, as well as repair inaccurate credit reports. If you have been a victim of false, inaccurate, or disputed information on a background check or credit report we can help. Call Cook Law now for help.

Losing a Job Offer Because of Inaccurate Background Checks in St. Louis or Chicago

Potential employers run background checks to discern potential issues in major areas of consistency and integrity regarding a job candidate’s past (Read this for more reasons you might lose a job offer due to background screenings): 1. Resume Accuracy Employers want to know you’re telling them the truth about your job skills, education and ability to do the job. But what happens when you’re falsely accused of misrepresenting yourself on a resume? Cook Law is here to help. 2. Criminal History Human resources hiring looks into a background screening at the state and federal level to discern if you’re a liability for criminal behavior. But what happens when your name is tangled up with someone else or even a family member that has a criminal history–even though your background is clean? Cook Law is here to help. 3. Clean Credit More and more often hiring managers want to know that their employees have clean credit reports. Why? Because many jobs require an employee to handle the company’s money in one capacity or another. By looking at your personal financial history a potential employer is trying to discern if you’re capable of managing the company’s money responsibly. But what happens when you’re denied a job because of credit issues outside your control, like overwhelming student or hospital debt or inaccurate credit reporting altogether? Cook Law is here to help.