Background Check Lawyer and Legal Credit Repair Services

Background Check Lawyer

Cook Law is a trusted background check lawyer. We serve landlords and employers to protect their businesses, as well as helping victims of false information on a background check.

If you’re business needs consultation for the legalities of your background checks, we’re here to help.

If you’ve been denied employment, housing, insurance or a banking account because of a inaccurate credit report or false background check, we can help.

Employers, landlords, banks and insurance companies use a credit reporting agency to determine if you are eligible for these items, but these background checks can contain false, inaccurate and disputed information. If adverse action is taken against you because of these credit reports then you may have a case.

Common Cases:

  • Another person’s background information.
  • False or incorrect information.
  • Misdemeanors listed as a felony.
  • Misstating nature of the court proceedings.
  • Convictions that have been expunged or vacated.

Background Check Attorneys for False Background Checks

The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides victims of false background checks and misuse of these reports with a way to recover certain damages. If you have been a victim of an inaccurate background check we can help. Call us now for help.

What you can look for to identify a false background check report.


  • Mistaken Person (another person’s record is showing on your report).

  • Inaccurate information about your case, like missing names or erroneous charges

  • Check for arrests that are older than 7 years. These cannot be reported.

  • Check for crimes which should have been expunged or sealed.

  • Duplicate information, like the same case being reported twice

  • Remarks on your driving history if they are older than 7 years.

  • Wrongly classified offenses like a misdemeanor reported as a felony

  • Previous arrests when you successfully completed diversion.

  • Minor offenses like marijuana arrests which are 2 years old or more.