by Matt Cook /
January 22, 2021 /
Credit Reporting Errors

Common Misconceptions About Background Checks

background checks
There is a lot that could hinder your way to land up a dream job, including being underqualified, tough competition, or a lack of relevant experience. However, things could be upsetting if you get denied an offer because of a background check gone wrong. However, background checks don’t always go wrong.
Here are some myths that you need to leave behind:

Poor credit will disqualify you.

Bad credit doesn’t always cost you a job. Employers don’t always take your financial situation into account. Your credit score plays a significant role only if you’re applying for a finance-related job that involves a lot of money handling. Potential employers usually ask for your credit as an identity check. The purpose is to make sure that your transactions and other financial dealings are in line with what you’ve told them. The key is to be as honest as you can. If you had to file for bankruptcy because of a medical emergency, let your employer know. You can also seek help from a credit report dispute attorney to help you eliminate any negative inquiries on your credit report.

An employer shakings hands with a candidate after conducting a background check.All background checks are the same.

When you get shortlisted for a job, your employer will get in touch with a screening company to conduct your background check. The truth is that every screening company employs different resources, has access to various databases, and uses different comparison metrics. This is why the findings vastly differ. Some screening companies are more focused on your criminal record. In contrast, others look into your credit situation more; some companies barely skim through the basics while others conduct thorough and comprehensive checks. Above all, such companies must also follow specific FCRA guidelines and use government-approved standards.

You can’t dispute the findings.

You’d be surprised to know that a background check can get a lot of your details wrong. Common background report errors include incorrect personal information, assigning someone else’s criminal records to your name, listing a misdemeanor as a felony, or overstating any charges. However, every employer will allow you to obtain a copy of your background check report and dispute it using the legal way. If you’re based in St. Louis, the attorneys at Cook Law, LLC would be glad to assist you. We also offer credit report dispute and identity theft recovery services. Get in touch.