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Cook Law exists to protect consumers from erroneous reporting by credit agencies, credit furnishers and collections. We ensure that our clients benefit from the protections afforded by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Every year hundreds of thousands of credit report errors, background check errors, and identity thefts occur, unbeknownst to consumers. Often these errors are not discovered until the most vulnerable time, like when a consumer is pulling their credit score to secure a small business loan or funds for a new home or car, only to be denied because of inaccurate credit reporting information.

Lawyer Matt Cook is a Consumer Law Attorney in St. Louis and Chicago. With his expertise, clients are able to reverse the devastating effects of credit inaccuracies, identity thefts, false information on a background check and debt collector harassment. Cook Law provides credit repair services and consumer protection law that restores your good name, cleans up your credit report, and in many cases, wins damages against the parties responsible for your emotional distress.

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Consumer Credit Protection Lawyers Can Help

  • An aspiring homeowner who is excited to purchase a home but when they get their credit pulled from a mortgage broker they discover something incorrect on their credit reports that should not be there.
  • A business owner who is applying to get a small business loan but when the bank runs his or her application they see a collection issue on the business owner’s personal credit report that is an unjust error and not supposed to be there.
  • An employee who is applying for a job or has a job and the employer requires them to pass a background check to obtain or keep their job.  Once the employer obtains the background check of the potential employee there appears information that is inaccurate that prevents the employee from securing the job.
  • Everyday working people who attempt to refinance their house and draw out some equity.  However, when they get their credit pulled from a lender they discover multiple accounts on there that do not belong to them and are a result of identity theft.
  • Anytime there is false or inaccurate information on your credit report or background check
  • When you are the victim of identity theft
  • When you have been double-billed by medical collections and your hospital or care provider
  • When you are being harassed by debt collectors

Common Cases Handled by Consumer Law Attorneys

Consumer law attorneys specialize in helping individuals and businesses navigate the complex legal landscape of consumer protection laws. They represent clients who have been wronged by companies and organizations that have violated consumer protection laws, and help them to seek compensation and justice for their losses.

One of the most common cases handled by consumer law attorneys is credit disputes. These disputes arise when an individual believes there is an error on their credit report or that their credit rating has been unfairly affected by a creditor. Consumer law attorneys can help clients to dispute these errors and improve their credit scores.

Another common case that consumer law attorneys handle is identity theft. Identity theft occurs when someone uses an individual’s personal information to commit fraud. Consumer law attorneys can help victims of identity theft to take legal action against the perpetrators and recover any damages they may have suffered.

Consumer law attorneys also represent clients in cases involving debt collection, bad credit, and bankruptcy. They can provide legal advice on how to deal with debt collectors and creditors, and help individuals to file for bankruptcy and obtain a fresh start.

In addition to these cases, consumer law attorneys also handle cases related to issues with products and services, such as defective products, false advertising, and deceptive marketing practices. They can help clients to recover damages for their losses and hold companies accountable for their actions.

Overall, consumer law attorneys play a vital role in protecting the rights and interests of consumers in America. With their knowledge and expertise in consumer protection laws, they can help individuals and businesses to navigate the legal system and seek justice for their losses.

Top Qualities to Look for in a Consumer Law Attorney

When seeking legal representation for consumer protection issues, it’s important to choose the right consumer law attorney. The top qualities to look for in a consumer law attorney include experience in the field of consumer law, knowledge of state and federal consumer protection laws, and a track record of successful cases. Additionally, a good consumer law attorney should have excellent communication and negotiation skills, be passionate about protecting consumer rights, and be committed to providing their clients with personalized attention and support throughout the legal process. By choosing a consumer law attorney with these qualities, clients can increase their chances of a successful outcome and receive the justice they deserve.

Don’t Wait to Fix Credit Reporting Errors

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