If you are having issues with a bad credit score and need help, you should put your long-term financial health in the hands of specialists who are held to the highest ethical standards. Instead of contacting a credit repair firm, contact our Chicago credit repair lawyers.

Even if you’ve always made on time payments in the past, human error is uncontrollable. Your creditworthiness should not be harmed by a single late payment or errors on your credit report.

Have Issues with your Credit Report?

Have you been overlooked for financing or credit cards? Are there some negative accounts on your credit report that are ruining your credit score, preventing you from obtaining mortgages, loans, financial aid, etc?

Regrettably, there could be errors on your credit report as well, from incorrect individual data to incomplete data. All of this negatively affects your financial profile, but we can help fix it. Making a credit argument is your right, and we can help.

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If you have a case, we may be able to take it contingent, meaning no money out of pocket for you.

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Inaccuracies on Your Credit Report are Unacceptable

Erroneous credit bureau reports are pretty common. It’s estimated that over 2/3 of credit reports inaccurate information, and at least 50% of those inaccuracies have a negative impact on credit ratings and scores. Therefore, the majority of Missourian residents require some sort of assistance with their credit.

Credit Reports Errors in Your Score That You Should Be Aware Of

Credit report inaccurancies occur when creditors and credit bureaus handle consumer information incorrectly. usually resulting in the following types of credit report issues:

Have you declared Bankruptcy in Illinois?

If you have filed for bankruptcy, you’re at an even higher risk of credit reporting issues, along with debt harassment. When someone files for bankruptcy, the court sends out an order that is called an automatic stay. The automatic stay halts any lawsuits that may be filed against you about your debts, as well as stops debt collectors from calling you or acting against your collateral or property. We know bankruptcy law and what rights you are entitled to.

Outdated Accounts

Are negative credit report items being reported that are over 7 yrs old? Credit reporting bureaus often expiration dates and continue to include old debt on credit reports.

Common Name?

When someone has the same name as a relative, or has a common name, their credit information is commonly intertwined. I f 2 Mike Jones (or Mike Jones Sr and Mike Jones Jr) live in the same city, an outstanding bill from one could show up on the other’s credit report, and vise versa.

Incomplete or Erroneous Information

Incomplete or Erroneous Information Worse, lenders may provide credit reporting agencies with incorrect names, addresses, and other information.

Identity Theft

When customers report identity theft to creditors and credit bureaus, the disputed items are intended to be investigated and removed from credit reports. However, prompt removal is not always possible, and fraudulent transactions and accounts may appear on credit reports erroroneously.

Consumers Have a Legal Right to Factual Credit Reports.

Credit scores in St. Louis do not have to suffer as a result of erroneous credit reports. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), consumers are entitled to error-free credit reports, and we can help you protect your rights. As a result, we are able to repair credit report mistakes, and some of our clients are even compensated for their losses.

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