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Credit Report Dispute Attorney – We Help Dispute Credit Report Errors

Do you Need Help Repairing Credit Due to Incorrect Information on Your Credit Report?

Do you need the help of a qualified, experienced credit report attorney to fix errors on your credit report? Is your rating hurt by incorrect reports to any of the 3 major credit bureaus?

Even if your credit score is good and it shows you are paying on time, incorrect information can hurt your score and cost you the ability to obtain needed credit or cost you thousands of dollars in overinflated interest payments.

A skilled credit report dispute attorney can help you fix these problems and get you the credit score, the credit lines, and the great interest rates that you deserve.

Believe it or not, over 25% of Americans have identified incorrect information on their credit scores. Many don’t even notice or think the mistake is too small to affect them, but they are dead flat wrong!

Unfortunately, there are too many common errors on credit reports, from incorrect identity information to bad data. All of this affects your credit standing, but we can help fix it. Making a credit dispute is your right, and we can help.

Take advantage of our free consultation and see how we can help with your credit situation.

Credit Report Dispute FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT ATTORNEY- We Help Dispute Credit Report Errors

Do you have bad credit? Have you been denied recently for a mortgage, loan or credit card? Are there certain derogatory accounts on your credit reports that should not be there or prevent you from obtaining affordable financing? FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act Attorney) guarantees the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) and all credit furnishers (credit cards, mortgages, collections, car loans, etc) must report accurate information on your credit reports. If there is an inaccuracy on your credit report or you feel some derogatory credit marks should not be there, then the law is on your side. This federal law allows you to dispute any derogatory account on your credit reports. The credit bureaus and credit furnishers must properly respond and verify these negative accounts, after a dispute. If they can not, then the credit bureaus must remove and delete these derogatory accounts. Often times the credit bureaus and credit furnishers do not comply with FCRA or simply ignore your dispute. This would entitle you monetary damages and have the negative account permanently deleted!


If your credit report shows any incorrect information it will hurt your credit rating. We can help you dispute errors on your credit report and restore your credit quickly in a cost-effective manner. You need to dispute the credit report to get errors fixed or else they won’t go anywhere for a while. But credit bureaus are not easy to work with and you need the knowledge, experience, and legal power sometimes to get the right results. This is where we can help with your credit dispute. All kinds of information can be misreported to the credit bureaus, and they won’t address it unless you take action. Any bad information can hurt your credit scores, such as problems with incorrect identity information, incorrect credit reporting, current account standing, data errors, or incorrect balances.

All of these credit report errors can hurt your score and damage your credit. Even if you don’t think it hurts your score, it likely does by lowering it. You may be completely on time and up to date on all accounts, but incorrect balances that show as too high or credit limits that appear too high or low can impact your credit score.

This will hurt your ability to get a loan or cost you thousands of dollars by driving up interest rates because your credit score is negatively impacted. A simple free consultation with us can save you money and help your credit score, and it costs you nothing.


If you want to dispute a credit report successfully, it is best to speak with an attorney that is a credit repair specialist before relying on a credit repair company. Most credit repair companies out there will promise to fix your credit in a few weeks, or instantly qualify you for a loan. The truth is some of these companies use deceptive and fraudulent tactics to get you instant results, but they are short-lived and might cause you more harm in the long run. A credit repair specialist lawyer, on the other hand, offers only legal, ethical, and real credit repair counseling to help you rebuild your life. Credit repair attorneys are honest about your options and explain in detail what you can expect. Since they have helped thousands of Americans repair their credit report, they know the best strategies to improve your credit position. Credit repair specialist lawyers know that it is not possible to remove all listings from the credit file and they will pick the ones that have the best chance to be removed. Most of the credit repair companies will advise you on falsifying or omitting information on the credit application that amounts to illegal action even if it’s the company that is doing it on your behalf. Credit repair specialist lawyers are qualified to practice law, whereas credit repair companies do not understand the complexities involved with the law that governs the credit report area. Putting your trust in a credit repair company that does not know what it takes to remove listings from the credit report is not wise. A credit repair specialist attorney has more knowledge and experience to dispute credit reports and have your damaged credit repaired. The attorney will use consumer protection laws to ensure that your credit remains fair and accurate.


There are many ways to dispute credit report errors. The fact is that by law, credit bureaus have to investigate any disputes, and they have up to 30 days to respond to a dispute. If you have disputed a mistake on your credit and you haven’t gotten any results, it’s best to put our experience to work for you to fully restore your credit. We will help you win your credit report dispute by addressing things like: – Identifying any and all incorrect information: It is extremely important to document and verify everything and to find every problem on your report to build a strong case for your dispute. – Craft a strong, credible, convincing credit dispute letter: Sending a well crafted, thorough credit dispute letter asking for the removal of the incorrect information and explaining and showing why it is wrong is a powerful tool. – Write the creditors themselves: Often with legal representation when shown the incorrect information, creditors will voluntarily remove the bad information. – Ask for a dispute if the investigation goes against you: Even if the bureaus disagree, you can dispute the information that has to be included in future credit checks which can help your score.

Want To Fix Errors on Your Credit Report? Speak With Our Credit Report Dispute Attorney For Immediate Help

If you have problems with credit or know that you have credit report errors, we can help fix those credit reporting errors, and the consultation is free! It costs you nothing and can generate tens of thousands of dollars in new credit lines or save you thousands of dollars from improved interest rates. Speak with one of our credit report dispute attorneys and see how we can boost your credit score. We look forward to helping, and it costs you nothing to see how we can help you. Contact us at (314) 260-6116 for a free consultation.

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