Fair Debt Collections Practice Act (FDCPA)

Do you feel overwhelmed by your debt and bill collectors? Have you been receiving repeated and harassing phone calls? Have they threatened or embarrassed you? Relax because Cook Law, LLC is here to help.

The FDCPA guarantees you specific rights to protect you against aggressive debt collectors. This federal law regulates bill collectors and protects you against abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices. Stop the harassing debt collectors now! If you feel you have been abused by a bill collector, or they violated any of the rights below, call now for a FREE consultation!

  • Contacting third parties about your debt
  • Calling you at your place of employment
  • Threatening to sue you or garnish your wages
  • Calling you repeatedly
  • Leaving voicemails
  • Use harsh or profane language
  • Adding additional fees or charges to your account
  • Embarrassing you
  • Lying to you or making misrepresentations
  • Asking for post-dated, or future payments

You do not have to tolerate abuse or harassment. You can fight back! Cook Law, LLC has a history of suing debt collectors for violating our client’s rights. If you feel a bill collector has violated your rights, you may be entitled to monetary damages! Generally there are no costs to you unless Cook Law, LLC wins, and we offer FREE consultations to help get you started. Call today to learn more!