How Do You Fix An Incorrect Rental History?

When looking for a new house it can be a very stressful time, a house that you want can be taken off of the market quicker than it was put on it if it is something that people want to buy. You can even be rejected by your landlord for having a poor rental history.

In some cases these may not even be your fault but if they appear on your history report, it can impact how your landlord can view you.

The reports are generated by algorithms that sort through public data from many different sources such as eviction filings, sex offender lists, credit bureas and criminal records.

This data is often outdated and incomplete, sloppy data matching methods which can provide a negative aura around you, the buyer.

If you think that this may apply to you then don’t worry there are plenty of things that you can do to fix the issue, below are a few of those things.

Negative Background Check

Negative Background CheckIf you believe that you have been rejected from a rental property by your expected landlord because of a negative background check then by law they are required to tell you if that was the reason.

You will then need to dispute this if this is the case and you feel that the information provided was incorrect. You need to dispute this with your screening company.

Again by law screening companies have up to thirty days then reinvestigate after you have made your claim.

Time is not your friend here because the landlord of the new property can have sold the property in the time it takes to fix the issue so you will want to rush your screening company as it is only by law they need to respond in thirty days but can definitely get back to you quicker if you make them aware of how important it is.

It is best to try this because even if the landlord has sold the property to someone else they may have another property available for you so it is best to try and fix your screening issues as soon as possible.

Again the sooner the better because it may come down to you missing out on your dream property and having to settle for something that doesn’t entice you as much for something that may not even be your fault.

How Do You Get A Screening Report?

You should start by enquiring for your screening report from your landlord, they may say yes but they can say no because it is not required by law for them to show you.

However, they are required by law to tell you what company that they used to provide the screening report and the companies contact information in what is known as an “adverse action notice”

Once you have contacted them they are then required by law to send a free copy of the report to you if you have been turned down because of it.

It is important to keep in mind that normally the reports run instantly, so the reports may differ slightly from the exact one that your landlord got to reject you in the first place but this does put you in the right position to start taking the necessary steps fixing the issue created by the false information.

How To Fix It

How Do You Fix An Incorrect Rental HistoryTo fix the issue you need to contact the company that screened you directly to dispute it. To prove you are exactly who you say you are you will need to provide a form of identification.

They will then have 30 days by law to then investigate the issue and get back to you on the result of your request. It is important to keep all of your documentation and any type of correspondence you have with the screening company.

By keeping all of your documentation and any correspondence you ensure that you have accurate data that can prove that you have contacted the screening company to take off any reports that may not be accurate.

But it will also ensure that you can provide all of the correct data that you need to, to ensure that you can prove exactly who you are which will then prove that you are not the person who will have been rejected by the landlord because of the report.

Again it is important to act quickly so that the house you want will not get sold to someone else whilst you are going through the process of being checked by the company, once the negatives have been removed from the file you can then present the new file to the landlord and be accepted to the house that you originally wanted to be renting in the first place.

In Summary

There are many things that can impact your rental history, one of the main things is if you receive a negative background check. This can be the result because you have appeared to have a criminal record, eviction filings, sex offender lists or a bad credit history.

If you have been rejected by a landlord this may be the reason, they will have to tell you the reasoning by law. Once they have told you the reasoning behind why you have failed you are then in a position to fix the issue if of course it is a mistake.

You will then need to speak to the screening company that the landlord had used for the background check to find out exactly why you were rejected in the first place. Once you have found out the reasoning you can then start to explain that a mistake has been made by the screening company.

Once that has been explained you will then need to provide the correct evidence that will show that a mistake has definitely been made. You should always keep your legal documentation in case situations like this arise as they are quite common.