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December 31, 2020 /
Credit Reporting Errors

How Does Identity Theft Happen?

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One of the most difficult things to deal with is identity theft, which can sometimes devastate lives. However, all is not lost and the first thing to do to prevent it or deal with it is to learn about it.
Identity theft is essentially what happens when people steal your personal information to impersonate you and get some kind of monetary benefit through that.

Methods Used by Identity Thieves

Identity thieves can use a range of both digital and manual methods to get your personal information. The ultimate aim for ID thieves is to be able to pass themselves off as you, which is why vital data like credit card and bank details, tax information, social security number are important. Identity thieves can steal your wallet or cards to get your bank information or check book. They can also steal your mail to intercept your bank statements, credit card bills, home bills, and tax documents. Some ID thieves may even try to get your mailing address changed to get all your mail. In the digital age, your laptop and online passwords are essential. If you use a public network or public laptop, you should make sure never to let your private information be shared.

What Thieves Can Do

ID thieves are usually looking to rob you in one way or another. Direct monetary gain is the usual possibility, but some people can even frame you for a crime or get healthcare in your name. ID thieves could start rerouting your bank mail, thus intercepting new check books and cards which they can now use in your name. If they have your biodata, they can also change your PINs and access your money easily. They may also open new lines of credit, apply for loans, open new bank accounts, forge checks or buy things on your card that you can’t pay off.

How to Prevent It

Preventing ID theft is often about making small changes and being alert. Make sure all your passwords are robust and aren’t written down anywhere for someone to find. This goes for PINs as well. You should also keep your SSN as secure as possible and stash your social security card somewhere secure. A firewall program and a secure browser will help you keep your online data safe. Last of all, keep an eye on all the mail that’s scheduled to arrive and follow up with the bank if you don’t receive check books or cards. An SMS alert for online banking will also help you keep track of all your transactions.

A laptop pointer on a security tab in a browserWhat to Do After

If you’ve been a victim of fraud, you should freeze all your accounts and then enlist a lawyer for credit repair ASAP. Credit lawyers like me can help get a fraud alert on your report and start work on identifying all the different discrepancies that are likely to show up. I can help you file disputes, deal with correspondence and more to get rid of credit report inaccuracies. Contact me today to get started, or for my services as an inaccurate background check, debt harassment and bankruptcy error lawyer in St. Louis and Chicago.