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October 14, 2019 /
Credit Reporting Errors

How to Dispute Errors on Your Credit Report

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Presently, almost everything we do needs credit. Credit is needed for car loans, mortgage, student loans, and many other daily expenses. Without having access to credit, many businesses and lives would be on hold. If you have an with items on your credit report and you have to fix your credit, you can do it armed with the right knowledge. A derogatory or inaccurate mark on your credit report will cost you time, money and could hurt your ability to get a mortgage, apartment, insurance, job or utilities. If you have an error on your credit and want to dispute it then you will need to type up and send a credit bureau dispute letter. Getting proof of the error, invoice, receipt or letter from creditor will help you resolve this in the shortest time possible. How quickly and easily it can be done depends on various factors. Disputing marks on your credit can be tricky and time-consuming which is the reason why it is advised to people to take help from an attorney who understands the law. Cook Law will help you to try and get the results of dispute you need or can guide you throughout the process of credit repair. Credit report disputes are better handled when you take help from professionals who know what to do. Credit reports are maintained by credit agencies and includes public records, personal information, credit history, and inquiries. Information is collected on a regular basis from lenders and sources, employers, government agencies, insurance companies. An individual credit report can be accessed by many companies so you must ensure it is correct. It’s best to check the credit report regularly so that you can verify that the available information is authentic and dispute in case you find some errors in it. Tips to dispute errors on credit report If you find incorrect or outdated information on your credit report, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible because it can hurt your chances of getting a loan or financing in the future. It is also highly advised that you keep a record or copy of everything you send to the agencies when you raise a dispute. You need to avoid sending original documents to credit agencies and attach copies. To dispute an item on your report write down a detailed dispute as possible explaining why it is inaccurate and enclosed copies of the corresponding documents. You may list each item being disputed separately and specify the reasons why you are disputing so that it can be corrected as soon as possible by the credit bureaus. You should do a follow-up letter if you do not get a response from credit agencies. Credit report rights Most consumers do not know about their credit report rights and if you get stay informed on your rights under law it can help you to dispute errors in your report You can dispute any inaccurate error in your report and the credit bureaus have thirty days to respond. You need to mail the dispute directly to the credit bureaus and can provide courtesy copies to the credit furnishers if you want. Once the dispute is reported with the credit agencies, they willl respond within thirty days usually and if you are yet not happy with the results, you can file another dispute letter to the bureaus. The second letter you should ask them how the bureaus verified the information they reported on you was correct and see what they respond. Credit report errors are more common than people think, but if you have an error you need to get it fixed before it costs you time, money and stress especially if you are trying to get a job, home or loan!