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How much does it cost to resolve identity theft?

The cost varies depending on the type of identity theft and the severity. Get legal help. Contact an identity theft attorney for a free consultation regarding your legal issues.

What should you do if you are a victim of identity theft?

Every year, millions of Americans face identity theft as a result of common sorts of fraud such as online hacking, credit (or debit) card skimming, or postal theft.

It might be difficult and daunting to clear your name and credit report of bogus information, but there are services available to help you get stolen information cleared out as quickly and easily as possible.

Even so, you must respond quickly, especially in the early stages of a prospective theft. Early detection, which you may achieve by examining your bills and credit report on a regular basis and signing up for notifications from your bank and creditors, can help you restore any harm. To start monitoring for any suspected fraudulent activity, get a free credit report.

If you see indicators of identity theft, it’s usually better to act sooner rather than later. Be protected. Contact a credit card lawyer by phone who offers law services to his clients at (773) 364-1008.

Follow these ten steps if you’ve been a victim of identity theft.

  1. Notify any creditors or banks who may be affected
  2. Contact your creditor or bank as soon as possible.
  3. Place a fraud alert on your credit report
  4. Contact the three major credit reporting agencies and request a fraud alert.
  5. Analyze your credit reports
  6. Examine your credit reports for evidence of fraud, such as new accounts you didn’t open, hard queries you can’t identify, payment history you can’t explain, an employer you’ve never worked for, and personal info you don’t recognize.
  7. Put a hold on (Freeze) your credit
  8. A credit freeze stops your credit report from being released to new creditors by credit reporting bureaus. It’s completely free to put a hold on your report. All you have to do is request it from each of the three credit bureaus.
  9. Notify the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about the identity theft
  10. An Identity Theft Report will be sent to you as confirmation that your identity has been stolen.
  11. File a Police Report
  12. Contact your local police department to file a report.
  13. Have fraudulent info removed from your credit report
  14. After reviewing your credit report, contact each of the three credit bureaus to request that any bogus information be erased.
  15. Change the passwords on all of the accounts that are affected.
  16. Any account that has been compromised by fraud should have all of its passwords changed. If you don’t have a password for one of your existing accounts, create one now.
  17. Have your stolen identification replaced
  18. If your Social Security number, Driver’s License of Passport were stolen, get a replacement and report the theft to the appropriate authorities.
  19. Contact an identity theft Attorney
  20. A Lawyer who specializes in Identity Theft can help you through the entire process.

How do I clear my name from identity theft?

Close any accounts targeted with or opened fraudulently, if you know or suspect they have been. When challenging illegitimate accounts, use the ID Theft Affidavit. Filing a police report is a good idea. Send a copy of the police report to your creditors and anybody else who might need proof of the alleged crime.

Is identity theft a felony?

Identity theft can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the state and the seriousness of the offense. Depending on the circumstances and amount of the stolen or unlawfully purchased objects, these criminal cases can range from misdemeanor to felony penalties.

What are the four most common types of identity theft?

The 4 most common types of identity theft are:

  1. Financial identity theft
  2. Medical identity theft
  3. Criminal identity theft
  4. Child identity theft

Do police Investigate identity theft?

This question has a simple answer: no. Identity theft frequently includes multiple countries, and the situation becomes even more convoluted if the crime was committed using the internet in any way. It is extremely tough to investigate identity theft due to the nature of the crime.

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Having your identity stolen can be a traumatic experience. We offer Legal Representation in Chicago, Cook county, Kane county, Lake county, Dupage county, Oak Brook, Downers Grove, Orland Park, Calumet City and the entire state of Illinois where identity theft occurs. We know Illinois law. Our Chicago Identity Theft Attorneys provide service to help you get the best outcome with:

  • Bank Account related identity theft
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Credit Card Charges Made Fraudulently
  • Compromised Personal Identifying Information
  • Police Report and Fraud Alert Filing
  • Inaccurate Misrepresentations on Credit Reports or Credit Card Statements
  • Disputes with Credit Bureaus
  • Birth Certificate Fraud
  • Compromised Sensitive Information or bank Information
  • Compromised Bank Accounts
  • Representation on Court Date
  • Any other Legal Issue / Issues

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