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What is Identity Theft and How Can It Cause Damage?

Identity theft can be divided into six types, which typically include the following:

New Account Fraud: A nefarious individual uses another person’s personal information to open new accounts and take advantage of this person with good credit. These accounts can be bank accounts, credit cards, utility accounts, cell phone accounts, or credit card accounts.

Account Takeover Fraud In such cases, the nefarious individual uses financial and personal information of another person to their advantage by accessing the defendant’s account and withdrawing assets. This could include using existing credit cards and withdrawing from bank accounts.

Criminal identity theft: Sometimes, a person committing a crime will use fraudulent identification to identify themselves as someone else to gain access to personal information such as Social Security numbers along with other personally identifiable information (PII).


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Medical Identity Theft – A person’s name and information can be used to fraudulently obtain medical care, such as prescription drugs or other medical needs. This type of identity theft can be the most serious. The notes on the victim’s medical records, which are very concerning to the thief, could lead to incorrect and possibly fatal medical decisions in future.  Imagine a nefarious individual uses a person’s medical information to treat themselves for a major life threatening illness.  Now the defendant has records of having a life threatening illness, and they may be prescribed medication that could harm them in the future based on fraudulent diagnosis.

Business or Commercial Identity Theft: An individual who uses the name of a business to get credit, often an ex-employee.

Identity Cloning. Identity Clone refers to any or all forms of identity theft in one. The thief essentially assumes the complete identity of the other person, in all aspects of their lives.

It is important to call an identity theft attorney St Louis in order to mitigate some of the damage done.  In many cases, there are multiple areas that need to be addressed in order to properly compensate for the damages.

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How Can A St Louis Identity Theft Attorney Help Me?

Hiring a St Louis identity theft attorney can help in the recovery of stolen assets.  Recovery of stolen assets and money is usually the primary concern of the individual. It can be difficult to repair any other damage done by identity theft such as damaged credit scores or reputations. Police have found it increasingly difficult to identify the identity of the thieves due to the increase in digitally accessible information, leaving many victims without any legal recourse. If the police are unable to assist, it is important that you contact an identity theft attorney such as Cook Law to discuss your options.

Cook Law has access to top-level experts in their fields, including private investigators or forensic accountants who might be able to help determine when and by whom your identity was stolen. Our St Louis identity theft attorney will review your case details, including both information gathered by our experts as well as your accounts to determine if a third party is liable.  For example, if a previous employer allowed your personally identifiable information to be leaked to the public.  If your case succeeds, you might be able to recover financial compensation, restore your reputation and reestablish credit.


What should I do if my identity has been stolen?

To learn more about your rights and options, first contact Cook Law, an experienced identity theft attorney. It is difficult to prove identity theft beyond a reasonable doubt due to a lack of sufficient evidence. This is often due to standard business policies. Sometimes, businesses are unable to get the evidence they need, such as receipts or surveillance, and may not have physical contact with the identity thief. Many transactions are established digitally or remotely making it hard to pin down an actual individual.  It is important to contact an experienced attorney specializing in identity theft. This will help you complement the government’s investigation. Our lawyers have access to resources and experts that the police and government may not be able to access, which can dramatically increase your chances for recovering compensation.


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Can an Identity Theft Attorney St. Louis County Help Me Sue For Compensation?

An identity theft attorney St. Louis county can help obtain compensation for damages.  Everyone would love to sue the person who stole their identity, but it is difficult to locate these thieves. If the actual thief is not identifiable or located, you might be able file suit against another party based on their negligence. These parties typically include those who have access to your credit card number, social security number, or other personally identifiable information.

  • Banks
  • Other financial institutions
  • Creditors
  • Government entities
  • Employers

Depending on the facts surrounding the identity theft case, the type of liability that each party is liable for will differ.


What can I sue for?

There are many theories of liability for identity theft due to the multiple ways that an identity can be stolen. The type of identity theft that you were the victim of and the facts specific to your case will determine the type of claim you can file. These are some possible causes for action.

  • Negligence
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Publication of private facts
  • Breach of fiduciary obligation
  • Infliction or repercussions of emotional distress
  • Breach of contract

It is crucial to give as much information as possible to your identity theft attorney St. Louis County when you first provide details about your stolen identity. A theory of liability can be made actionable by the smallest detail. Your attorney should have all relevant information to your case in order to help determine the best path to recovery.


What compensation can be recovered?

There may be multiple forms of compensation for victims depending on the circumstances, the extent of the injury and the intended defendant. These include:

  • Compensation damages for financial loss incurred due to the theft
  • If the victim suffered from emotional distress such as depression or anxiety, could be eligible for damages .
  • Punitive damages could be available if the victim’s personal data was deliberately or recklessly made public.
  • Injunctive Relief to release the victim from any owing debts that they didn’t accrue.

You may be able to sue a variety of people if your identity has been stolen. Contact us to learn more about your legal rights and how our identity theft lawyers may be able help you.  If you are in the Chicago area and need help from our Identity Theft Lawyer Chicago, please feel free to give us a call and we will help you as soon as we can!

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