What makes an identity theft lawyer Chicago so important?  Identity theft affects fifteen million people in the US every year. This can be anything from a single debit card charge, a large loan, or credit card fraud.  This can result in a major financial loss.  Approximately $50 billion dollars are lost each year due to identity theft.  Identity theft is more common in the United States than in other countries. One in three Americans has been the victim of identity theft at some point in their lives. Although there are many reasons why this happens, it is likely that more people will be affected by identity theft in the years ahead.

If you are looking for an identity theft lawyer Chicago, be sure to give Cook Law a call to help figure out if there is a good case for you.  If you want to learn more about ways to decrease your chance of being a victim, let us know and we can help you find ways to protect yourself.

Cook Law attorneys have extensive experience with identity theft cases. We work tirelessly in order that identity thieves and other responsible parties can be held accountable for the theft and or negligence. Our identity theft attorneys have a long history of helping individuals to rebuild their reputations, credit scores, and good names after they experienced identity theft.

If your identity was stolen, you should contact an identity theft attorney right away. The attorneys at Cook Law may be able to assist you in recovering financial losses and other damages.

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What is Identity Theft Chicago and How Can You Identify It?

Identity theft Chicago can encompass a large number of different instances where a nefarious individual has assumed control of your personally identifiable information without authorization.  Identity theft is typically divided into six categories. These include:

New Account Fraud – This is when someone takes advantage of a person with good credit by using their personal data to open new accounts. These can include bank accounts, utility accounts as well as credit card and phone accounts.


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Account takeover fraud: In these cases a nefarious individual uses the financial and personal assets of another person for their own benefit by accessing the person’s account and stealing the assets. Examples may include the use of existing credit card accounts or withdrawals from bank accounts.

Criminal Identity Theft Sometimes, someone committing a criminal offense will falsely identify themselves as another person to avoid having the crime on their own record.

Medical Identity Theft: An identity thief may fraudulently receive medical services and prescription drugs by using the name and insurance information of another person. This is one of the most dangerous forms of identity theft due to the various repercussions. The notes found on the victim’s medical chart, which could be fatal, can lead to poor and possibly fatal medical decisions in the future if a doctor uses fraudulent information to prescribe treatment to someone who may not need the prescribed treatment.

Business or Commercial Identity Theft: When an individual, typically a current or former employee, uses a company’s name for a credit application.

Identity Cloning: Identity cloning is a form of identity theft that involves all forms. The thief literally takes control of an individual’s identity in every area of their life.  Identity theft Chicago is more common than you would think.

How To Identify Incorrect Information On Your Credit Report

How to determine if you have been a victim of Chicago Identity Theft.

One of the best ways you can avoid being a victim of Chicago identity theft is to regularly evaluate your personal finances. It will be easier to identify and challenge instances of stolen identity if you are always in control of your finances.


You may discover that your identity has been stolen in one of these ways:

  • Observe unusual charges in your bank account
  • A line of credit or loan being denied because of adverse activity in your accounts.
  • Credit report errors and mistakes
  • Your bank account will alert you about any unusual or very high charges
  • your credit card company may notify you of a questionable charge on your account



You can track charges made to your account by installing your mobile banking app. Advanced technology is used by banks to detect suspicious charges. Tell your bank where you will be traveling soon so that they don’t cancel your card during your trip. If you have to charge more than the daily limit, call them. Some banks will refuse to process it or flag it for fraud.  Preventing Chicago identity theft is usually best practice among banking institutions.  Be sure to check with your bank on how they are helping.

What should I do first?  Should I call Chicago Identity Theft Lawyers?

Calling Chicago identity theft lawyers may help get the process rolling so that you can contact the right institutions.  You need to be able to quickly ask questions in all these situations. When a friend or family member asks you “Who do I contact about identity theft?” The first person to call is the account manager for the credit line in question. If the debit card is involved, it should be the bank. If identity theft attempts are made with your credit card information your credit card company may block or freeze your card. Contact the credit reporting agency immediately if you discover errors in your credit report. They will help you block any future transactions.



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    It is annoying, but it is the best way to protect your identity by starting with fresh card numbers and account details. Even if you are the only one who has a physical copy, it is possible that criminals have created a physical duplicate. This could even happen if the card was used online, at gas stations, or in retail stores. The credit card company must immediately freeze the card and you need to cancel it in full and have a replacement sent.  Chicago identity theft lawyers may suggest starting a freeze on all your credit to ensure no further damage is done.

    Notify any other companies that might be affected by the single incident. Imagine someone stealing your wallet and taking note of your cards. Or that multiple details about you were exposed in a data breach. You should be ready for multiple breaches in these cases. You should also consider replacing your debit card if your credit card is stolen.

    Ask your bank to expedite your new card if you have a pressing need. This will ensure that your financial situation is not disrupted.  If you are concerned about larger issues, be sure to give us a call so we can help you find out the best way to determine the extent of the damages.

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    What can I do to help a Chicago Identity Theft Lawyer with my case?

    Theft of money and assets can be a large issue for individuals. Recovering these stolen assets can be a challenging task on your own.  Calling Cook Law should be your first step in tackling an identity theft case. The police have had trouble identifying the individual behind the crime.  It has become more difficult to trace the origin of the thieves, and in many cases they do not have the expertise to do so. This often leaves victims without legal recourse against them. Contact an identity theft attorney to explore the options available to you.

    Cook Law’s attorneys have access to the best experts in their fields. These include private investigators and forensic accountants. They may be able to assist you in determining when and who stole your identity. Our attorneys can also review your case. This will include information collected by our specialists and your own accounts. They can determine if third parties can be held responsible for the damages that you have incurred. If your case is successful you may be eligible to receive compensation for financial losses, restore credit scores, and rebuild your reputation.



      What can I do if my identity has been stolen?

      For more information about your legal rights, you should first speak to an experienced attorney such as Cook Law. The lack of sufficient evidence is often a reason that identity theft cases can be difficult to prove beyond reasonable doubt. Businesses might not be able to gather the necessary evidence (such as surveillance or receipts) and may not have had physical contact with the identity theft criminal due to the nature of many transactions being digital. An important step to complement the government’s investigation is speaking with an experienced identity theft attorney. Our attorneys have access to the resources and experts that police and the government may not have, which could dramatically increase your chances to recover compensation.  If you happen to live in the St. Louis Missouri area, be sure to check out our Identity Theft Attorney St Louis resources today!



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        Can You Sue For Incorrect Credit Reporting?

        Whom can I sue about identity theft?

        The ideal scenario is to file a lawsuit against the person who stole your identity. However, it’s not easy to find these thieves. You may be able, in certain cases, to sue another party if the actual thief can’t be located or identified. These are typically people who have access to your social security number, credit card numbers, and other personally identifiable information. They may also include but not limited to:

        • Banks
        • Other financial institutions
        • Creditors
        • Government entities
        • Employers

        Depending on the specific facts of the relationship between identity theft and the defending side, each party will have a different type of liability.



          What kind of compensation is possible?

          There are many forms of compensation that may be available depending on the victim’s case and severity of the damages. These may include:

          • Compensatory damages to compensate for financial losses that were incurred because of theft
          • The victim may be entitled to emotional damages if they suffered from anxiety or depression.
          • Punitive Damages may apply if the victim’s personal information were intentionally or recklessly disclosed.
          • Injunctive relief relieving the victim of any debts that were incurred by the thief.

          You might have legal recourse against several parties if you’ve had your identity stolen. For more information about your legal options, and how our identity thieves attorneys might be able to assist you, please contact us.



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