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How Much Does A Credit Repair Lawyer Cost?

Short Answer :  Many Times the Credit Repair Lawyers Cost is essentially free to the plaintiff (you) if your credit report has incurred legitimate errors. This is true particularly because federal laws regulate debt collectors and credit reporting agencies. Therefore, in successful cases, where you employ an attorney to file suit against the debt collector or credit reporting party, federal laws account for the recovery of your attorney’s fees.

Longer Answer: Every credit reporting inaccuracy is different and many require work that isn’t related to a court case. This means the cost of a credit repair lawyer varies, in part, based on the work that will need to be done. The determining factor to whether your attorney’s cost will be covered by the settlement itself, is often whether you have your credit repair lawyers handle the whole case in its entirety, or simply a specific task (called an unbundled service). If you are looking for an attorney to do one aspect of your credit repair journey–like drafting a settlement letter–there will be a specific fee related to the work being done. The most common unbundled service that Cook Law or any credit repair attorney provides is drafting a settlement proposal to the creditor.

What do I get for the cost of a Credit Repair Lawyer?

This depends on whether you hire a lawyer for your entire case or simply for an unbundled service (read more below).

Why Choose a Credit Repair Attorney instead of a “credit repair service”?

Credit repair agencies, debt settlement companies and other fly-by-night businesses promise amazing results to help fix your credit instantaneously or get rid of all your debt and financial problems. Yes, even businesses with “law” or “lawyer/attorney” in their DBA, are not often true credit repair attorneys versed in the law. These credit repair services often charge you exorbitant fees for doing tasks you can do on your own, without the cost and rigmarole. Cook Law offers legitimate credit repair that often includes a settlement ensuring your credit inaccuracies are corrected and compensated. Our consultations are free and we will tell you up front whether you are a candidate for our services, as well as, what next steps you can take in avoiding unnecessary “credit repair services.”